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Meet The Teacher: Rima Rabieh, West Orange High School

This post is one in a series of “Meet the Teacher” blogs celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020. The teachers featured in this series are K-12 educators across Central Florida who also serve as the Campus Advisor for their school’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon. In addition to their responsibilities as K-12 teachers, they guide Dance Marathon students through a year of raising funds and awareness for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, encouraging and challenging them as leaders, and instilling in them a sense of philanthropy.

Meet The Teacher: Rima Rabieh

Area of Focus: Leadership & Student Government

Has Been Teaching For: 1 year, previously was a guidance counselor for 7 years

Favorite part about teaching: Getting to know the students and their strengths, and helping to build up their skills.

Being “FTK” means to me: To me, being “FTK” is being passionate, compassionate, hard-working, and focused. My Dance Marathon students are all of that and more. Being my first year, I was amazed at how much they did and were able to accomplish, simply because they are “FTK.”

Favorite part of Dance Marathon: Besides raising money FTK and meeting the miracle families, watching my students work so passionately at something they truly care about.