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Thank you, Extra Lifers!

Extra Life unites the power of gamers to help save and improve the lives of kids in our community. This year, over 200 gamers participated in support of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and together raised over $100,000. From hosting live streams to special events, these gamers are committed to changing kids’ health!

A huge thank you to our Extra Life community for all that you continue to do while gaming for good. Since 2010, Extra Life has raised over $800,000 in Central Florida. Our gamers have made their mark on our community and continue to change the lives of so many children and families.

From the bottom of our hearts, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer thanks you, Extra lifers, for another year of outstanding hard work and dedication to the patients and families our hospital serves.

Thanks to Crooms Academy of Information Technology for hosting their yearly CroomsCon event back in March. With support of over 250 participants, they raised over $6,000 to support Orlando Health Arnold Palmer!

Thank you to Full Sail University and AMD Orlando for their continued support and partnership in fighting to change kids’ health and change the future.

We are so grateful to have such a strong Extra Life community here for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer. We are excited to give a special shout-out to our top 10 Extra Life participant fundraisers!

  1. MFPallyTime – $38,624
  2. Jonathan Widergren – $7,077
  3. Rooster Teeth Florida Community – $5,060
  4. Sal Benza – $3,615
  5. Rene Castillo – $3,497
  6. Ric601 – $2,800
  7. Emmanuel Garcia – $2,789
  8. Jameson Durall – $2,085
  9. Christina Garcia – $1,750
  10. Split-Screen Losers – $1,636

Be sure to join us again next year for Extra Life 2023! We cannot wait to see what you all do again to change the future of our Orlando community one dollar at a time.