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Orlando Health Arnold Palmer’s Certified Teacher, Keeping Kids on Track!

Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has always strived to help kids remain kids even while in the hospital. This not only includes social activities and proper time for play, but also maintaining patients’ education. Academics play a fundamental role in the development of a child, and time away from school can easily disrupt a child’s learning and development.

To help reduce added stress from extended time away from school, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer offers patients academic support through an in-house certified teacher who can provide assistance when a child or teen will miss school while in the hospital.

Our certified Teacher, Eddie Nasello, joined Orlando Health Arnold Palmer as the first full-time teacher in July of 2018. Eddie has been working in education for over 15 years and currently assists patients at each grade level, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and in any subject area. Supporting the over all well-being of our patients, Eddie visits students in all units within the hospital.

For both parents and patients, navigating the stress of a healthcare plan can become so overwhelming that other priorities in life fall out of focus. ­That is where our certified teacher’s critical role comes into play, making sure the patient’s education does not fall by the wayside. This is done through one-on-one support with Eddie and our patients.

“One-on-one time allows me to give students the focus and time they need to assist with their learning. It also gives me the time to really get to know these students and form a connection as their teacher while in the hospital.” – Eddie Nasello

Philanthropic support plays a key role in supporting the academic learning of the patients at Orlando health Arnold Palmer. Donations not only fund the salary for our full-time teacher, but also provide academic resources such as paper, pencils, pens, a laptop computer and portable printer, along with tools for STEM experiments. Every dollar truly counts when it comes to changing kids’ health and changing the future!

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