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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Gives Kids the Chance to Soar

Late last year, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University joined the ranks of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement by starting to plan their first ever Dance Marathon event to take place in Spring 2020.

The mission of Embry-Riddle is to “teach the science, practice and business of aviation and aerospace, preparing students for productive careers and leadership roles in business, government agencies and the military.” Not only are they the world leader in aviation and aerospace higher education, they have some of the most passionate and driven students that are true leaders within the Dance Marathon movement. We are fortunate to have their support of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

The students worked tirelessly to bring the Dance Marathon movement to their campus. They worked quickly, diligently, and resiliently to educate and inspire their student body to care about making a difference for pediatric healthcare in their community.

In less than 6 months, they built their program, organized an internal team of student leaders, and fell in love with the mission and work of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. They built relationships on campus to become a student program, they connected with the hospital team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and created a bond with the miracle families who have been impacted by the work done from Dance Marathon right here in our community.

Their goal was to make Dance Marathon at Embry-Riddle inviting to all students, a fun experience, and a way to bring the campus together.

Their mission was to give all kids the chance to soar; to give all kids served by Orlando Health Arnold Palmer the feeling of hope and a fighting chance for a healthy childhood.

Through their amazing efforts, they did that and more. Together, they raised more than $15,000 in just their first year as a Dance Marathon program.

Congratulations to the amazing students who contributed their first ever event, and a very special thank you to Johan Restrepo, the student who began this mission to bring Dance Marathon to Embry-Riddle.