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Twice the Miracles with RE/MAX 200 and RE/MAX Town & Country

Since 1992, RE/MAX Affiliates across the U.S. and Canada have raised $157 million for 170 member hospitals. Each year, August serves as a month-long celebration to share all the amazing things RE/MAX agents and offices do to help kids live better lives. We hope you will join us in this celebration of a “Month of Miracles”! 

Kevin and Lee Acker are brothers. They are also both broker/owners of RE/MAX offices in Central Florida. In fact, their parents were also broker/owners of RE/MAX offices, and that’s where their connection to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children all began.


From then to now, their offices – RE/MAX 200 and Town & Country – have developed a substantial history of charitable support for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer, last year raising $30,000 at both offices!

A HUGE thank you to both offices is in order, including to some of the top agents from the RE/MAX 200 team, Hazel Sun, David Gallup, and Amy Hodges, as well as the top agents from the Town & Country team, David Bowen, Kim Coburn, and Tanya McDonnell!

For years, they and their fellow agents have shown steadfast support for the children of our hospital in a variety of different ways, including golf tournaments, Miracle Child artwork auctions, Honor Cards to their clients, and various individual contributions and events.

In the past three years, they have raised nearly $100,000 and continually prove their dedication to pediatric healthcare. With both offices right here in Central Florida, there is an agent who is waiting to help you buy or sell your home!  Want to meet the team at these fantastic offices and help support Orlando Health Arnold Palmer?  Click here to find an agent closest to you!

Thank you RE/MAX 200 and Town & Country for continuing to inspire hope, healing, and compassion to the children and families of Central Florida.

Want to learn more?  Call your local RE/MAX office, or identify a Miracle Agent here by entering your geographical area and choosing “Children’s Miracle Network” as their specialty.